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August 10, 2012
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ring ring ring ring
" hello ? "
" Brick where are you "
" I'm at home, why ? "
" I thought you were coming for Blossom "
"Blossom?, no I'm not ………..not anymore "
" why ? you were very excited when I told you that Blossom was coming "
" listen Boomer I'm not coming, OKAY? "
" but why ?"
" I just don't want to, got it? "
" something wrong? "
" no! well……………."
" the door "
" what ? "
" just go "

" just go "
Brick sighed and hang up the phone
" the door?" he got up and went to the door
" bro whats wrong ? " Boomer said
" come on in, I'm going to tell you what's wrong "he sighed and boomer came in
" so tell me what's wrong " Brick sighed again then explained everything what happened.

" fiancé ? oh right" he looked at Brick
" i'm sorry bro " he said
" but………we don't know if Blossom is joking " Brick looked at Boomer
" what do you mean joking ? she said it herself he's my fiancé " Brick said
" but what if she's joking " Boomer said again
" I don't think she would joke around about something like that , I know Blossom remember" Boomer looked at Brick again
" what if she's - "
" I get it  Boomer but like I said she won't joke around about something like that !" .

" come on give me a chance " Boomer said standing up
"no, I know Blossom!I don't think she would joke around of not knowing me and getting married. I just need to face the facts. " Brick looked down disappointed  
" Brick! I'm your brother and I know you , you don't give up. you're Brick Jojo,  leader of the Rowdyruff boys, remember? now come with me!!! " Boomer took his hand and they blasted away .

Brick sighed then thought at what Boomer said again "joke ? " Brick couldn't stop thinking what Boomer said
"  hey uh ..Boomer where are we going ? " he asked
"  at the professors house they're throwing a welcome back party there you can go talk to Blossom " Boomer said and they landed at the yard from the house

" are you sure ?"he nodded and knocked on the door.

They waited then they heard someone opening the door
" hmmm…oh, hi Brick! " Bubbles said
" come on in " she smiled and moved a side
" thanks " Brick said entering in .
when he got in he saw Blossom leaning at the wall drinking some punch looking around  
"  um are you sure about this Boomer ?" Boomer sighed and pushed him  to Blossom  
" just talk she won't bite " Boomer laughed and went to Bubbles.

" h-hi " Brick said nervous
" Hi, nice to meet you " Blossom said  smiling
" meet you ? um Blossom do you remember me  at all " she looked at him confused
"  well um………oh yeah!  your one of Buttercup's friend  " she said
" um actually no, Blossom do you remember me? I'm Brick, your counterpart .remember?   " she thought for a moment than looked at him
" i-i-I-I'm sorry but I don-" Brick cut her off with a   kiss. Blossom was very surprised at what Brick did but then she got angry .

Blossom broke apart the kiss and slapped him everything that so rounded them went slow motion when they heard the slap .

" who do you think you are? " she said angry
" Blossom ? " she looked at Dexter then at Brick
" sorry if I don't know you but that doesn't mean you can just came here and kiss me " Blossom said angry
" Blossom? " Brick said
" you know I'm your boyfriend, remember ?" he said holding her hands
" I'm sorry but I'm getting married and I don't have any boyfriends " Blossom pushed him away
"  i-i-I'm going to my room" she said going upstairs
" Blossom wait! " Dexter looked at Brick then followed Blossom.

" Brick i- " Brick glared at Boomer
"don't !  I told you but you didn't believe me!!! " Brick said leaving angrily.

Boomer looked down sad ,like it was all his fault but it wasn't  

" Boom………don't worry he's just in a bad mood don't worry… " Butch said
Here's chapter 3, guys!

sorry that I don't have time for drawing the pic fr this chapter^^''

forgive me...hehehehe

oh my...poor boomie....


writer: :iconuycorn:
Idea: :iconnanakoblaze:
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Moonlight-san Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
DEXTER I FREAKING HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DID YOU DO SOMETHING TO BLOSSOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????WERE YOU THE ONE WHO BRAINWASHED HER????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loverofbirds Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014  Hobbyist
My thoughts exactly...
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when do you think the next one is coming out
rubybyler Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
plz wright more plz and poor brick
Lacy700 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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when she will remember brick?! oh come on, she have to remember by soon!
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ppgzfanBritney Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Poor Brick and Boomer, when blossom gonna remember him???? :faint: I really want she married with brick not the annoying DEXTER!!

But...wait!! Is blossom been controlled by someone??
NanakoBlaze Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well...can't tell's a secret! :iconshhplz:
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